sad to say, but I’m on my way…..

From Sydney and across Cape Breton to the Canso causeway, we drove back to the mainland. We made stops in Antigonish, New Glasgow, and Bedford on our way to Halifax. It was a blast to be back in my old stomping grounds, check out the old haunts and places I lived, and to see how much Halifax has changed.

After graduating from Dalhousie, I left Halifax at the height of the last major recession because the opportunities seemed limited. I often wonder what my life might have looked like had I stayed in the Maritimes and tried to make a life for myself here.

Fate had me move west as a young man, and here I was once again saying so long to Halifax, but not good bye, as our campaign bus rolled out across Nova Scotia back into New Brunswick and Quebec.

I love the bilingual feel and spirit of New Brunswick and it carried me into Quebec, eager to talk to folks about Quebec, Canada, and our common future.

The conversations I had in Quebec were informative and moving.  I met an older gentleman who was illiterate and who shared stories of his life growing up under a Duplessis government. Many people I spoke with expressed concern that Canada is spending too much on armaments, and not enough on education, job training and healthcare.

A great gathering in Kingston and the Islands, Ontario, with very active Liberals is just one example of how Liberals of all views are engaged in the leadership contest and they want to know where the candidates stand on the issues.

I look forward to talking, and listening to more folks as we continue this amazing cross Canada road trip.